The Money in WordPress Themes

After three months with premium themes on since the launch in February 2011 Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has made $127,785 alone on premium themes with an uptake of 2135 blogs now using premium themes. Of course, this profit figure would have to be split with the designers of the blog, something we do not know. If you were to buy every theme you would spend $564. So far the most popular themes were the original February introductions with Shelf and Headlines. Here is how much money was earned on each theme (click on the graph for a larger size):

Notice how the graph is divided into three parts for each month the theme was released. The average price of premium themes is $62, the highest price being $75 (for Pretty Young Thing, Basic Maths and Tapestry) and the lowest being $45 (for Headlines and Crisp). Number-crunching the sales behind the themes done using the price and the amount of users in the theme showcase and are correct as of 1 May 2011.


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