The Best New Features in Ubuntu 11.04

The latest edition of Ubuntu has been released today sporting new looks, programs and better performance in some areas. Here is a complete break-down of the top new features in Ubuntu 11.04.

Ubuntu Unity in Version 11.04

By far the most obvious change is the introduction of the new Unity launcher (see left of image). The launcher allows the quick access to programs and files. It is designed to be ‘touch ready.’ Move your mouse to the left of the screen or hold down the superkey (also known as Windows/ Command key) to show the launcher.

The user interface started development in 2010 by Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical, the sponsor and the main company behind Ubuntu. Unity debuted in Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 but has come to the desktop version for the first time.

New Ubuntu 11.04 Programs

The latest edition also has changes to programs. Banshee is the new media player replacing Rhythmbox, the latest version of Firefox has been included and LibreOffice will replace the troubled OpenOffice. LibreOffice was created as a fork of OpenOffice created after doubts of the projects existence after Oracle gained ownership of the project after it acquired Sun Microsystems.

Ubuntu Software Centre with Recommendations

Minor changes have been made to the Ubuntu Software Centre. A new ratings system allows for user reviews for installation and 5-star rating style.  Software recommendations based on installed software has also been added to increase the visibility of potentially helpful software.

Unity Dash

Another part of the Unity user interface, is the dash. The dash is an access-point for programs and shortcuts and allows for search. Tap the superkey (also known as Windows/ Command key) to reveal the dash and press escape to remove the dash.


3 thoughts on “The Best New Features in Ubuntu 11.04

  1. I’ve used quite a few linux O.P. but since I’ve started using ubuntu, I’ve noticed that it does’nt crashes as much as other linux OP do
    Either It automatically recovers file . . or god knows
    but I’m satisfied
    no need of additional drivers Its just meant to do everything AUTOMATIC . . .
    Nice work
    And thanx for making it available for free

  2. Just installed Ubuntu 11.04… its awesome!! all i needed is to make a few adjustments to get the best appearance and performance. like working around with the cube. pretty cool huh? thanks! always want to know best features of Ubuntu 11.04..

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