Tablet Wars Gets Competive

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

April has been the month of many tablet announcements and lawsuits. Kogan, an Australian discount television manufacturer, released their first tablet running Android.The regular price of this 7 inch tablet is $189 (around $203 US) but is on discount under a program that allows purchases during manufacturing at the low $139 ($149 US).  Of course, it is not as sleek as the larger iPad but it is a proficient budget tablet, at a relatively cheap price.

Meanwhile, Acer with a $450 Iconia tablet slightly undercutting the minimum $500 for an iPad. It has front and back cameras, has a large 10.1″ display and has a 16GB storage capacity. Rumors are surfacing that Amazon will be developing a tablet. Some spectators calling it a ‘open secret.’

Also on the horizon of the tablet wars, is the Samsung and Apple lawsuit. Apple claims that Samsung has copied the design of certain user interface components and the general design of the table and smart phone devices. Samsung has also filed lawsuits for the infringements of power consumption and Wi-Fi data transmission patents. The suits have been filed in South Korea, Japan and Germany.


One thought on “Tablet Wars Gets Competive

  1. If you haven’t also seen there has been a new BlackBerry Playbook. You can just search it up and find it. It has been a major rival to the iPad coming on it’s release. I think it should be a much better tablet then the iPad in any way. Thanks for your recent comments etc. My blog: href=””
    I also write about this stuff so you can come check it out!

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