How to Find Old Forgotten Accounts Online

Finding Old Accounts

Finding old accounts on the internet can be a pain, especially if they come back to bite in years to come! Here are some top solutions for finding the old accounts.

To uncover old accounts try using non-specialized search engines: Google and Bing. Search for old usernames and your name, don’t stop at page one continue past the tenth page to uncover old pages. If you haven’t been using them, most likely, they would have been pushed down the search results.

Next use a username checking service. One of the options is KnowEm, at the start it will only check the most popular social networks, though try using ‘check more social sites’ to gain access to more options (see below). Another useful site is Namechk, it is not as exhaustive as KnowEm but searches the most popular 160 websites. If the option is crossed out or not available, then the username has been registered and you’ve found yourself an old internet account.

Remember to try all the combinations of usernames you have used, to close old accounts follow the instructions at Delete Your Account.

Check Username Availability at Knowem


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