How to Find Fonts Used on Book Covers

To Sir with Love Cover

Yesterday, I managed to pick up an old copy of To Sir with Love, written by E. R. Braithwaite. The 1978 edition features a wonderful font on the back and front cover (see first right). Finding the font used was made very easy with WhatTheFont and a photograph of the front cover.

Try cropping a segment of the text in the photo and upload the website for best results, I cropped the text using XnView but almost any other image program is up the job even Microsoft Paint.

Once you have uploaded the segment of the image on WhatTheFont, check that they got the characters in the font correct; the OCR text recognition software mistook the ‘S’ as a ‘5’ so check the results.

Font Selecting in What The FontA list of results will come up with the best results for your image. A font match was around half way down the page: Windsor Extra Bold Condensed. To double-check click on the font and change the sample text to the text you are looking for (see below) to check the accuracy. WhatTheFont also provides information on where to buy the font and pricing.

Testing the font 'Windsor Extra Bold Condensed'


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