Guide to HTML: Editing HTML, Tags and XHTML

Linear Fix HTML

Over this week we will be publishing a few quick guides to using HTML. HTML is the basis for all websites and provides the structure of images, videos, music and text. This is not to be confused with CSS, which is what make websites look good by adding styling such as colors and backgrounds to the HTML.

Editing HTML

Editing HTML is extremely easy. No special software is required and many web designers use programs included with their computer such as Notepad, this means that no extra programs need to be downloaded to get started. My program of choice is Aptana Studio; this program is free like many other HTML editors and contains many features for creating bigger websites.

Using Tags

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. HTML uses tags to enclose element content. Tags are not displayed when viewed in a web browser and the web browser interprets the meaning of these tags.

Here are some examples of tags with content in italics:

<p>Your text here</p>

This is the paragraph tag, text is put in the middle of the tags.

<h1>Heading 1</h1>

Heading tags are bigger and bolder than normal text. It is useful if you want to break a webpage into multiple segments.

Notice that tags start and end with brackets with a backward slash in the second tag.


Before we get started, let’s distinguish XHTML from HTML. XHTML is a stricter version of HTML. XHTML removes presentational elements which should be added later using CSS and requires stronger cohesion to the ‘rules’ of XHTML for a webpage to be valid. XHTML also requires tags to be closed, tags to not be omitted and doctype declarations (which you will learn later).

Join us tomorrow on Linear Fix to start your first webpage.


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