How to Make a Business Card in Inkscape

Today we will be using Inkscape, a free vector image editor, to create a business card.

1. Click on File>New>business_card_85x54mm to get the inbuilt blank template for creating a business card. 90x50mm is also available directly below the first option.

Selecting the business card template in Inkscape

2. Change your background color by editing the document properties (Shift+Ctrl+D/ File menu) and clicking background. I have selected a red color and turned off the transparency, this will be my solid color of the business card.

Changing the background color using Document Properties

3. Now it is time for some text; use the text tool (F8) by clicking on the icon of the ‘A’. I have used Prociono, a free font from The League of Moveable Type; this font was also chosen as of our favorite ‘classic’ typefaces.

Text on a Business Card mockup

4. Notice how all the text is not aligned if you have created the text boxes separately, select all the text boxes use Align and Distribute (Ctrl+Shift+A/ Object menu) and select a option to align your text.

Align and Distribute in Inkscape

5. To add an image just drag and drop an image from a folder or use File>Import. I have added the Linear Fix logo and downloaded a icon set from OpenClipArt to serve as the mail, phone, address icons and made some finishing resizing of text.

Logo and icons on a business card


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