London’s Browsing: WiFi Hotspots ‘Everywhere’ including Underground by 2012

London WiFi

London Underground is preparing wireless internet access in more than 100 underground stations by 2012. The plan has been given the green lights after a successful trial at Charing Cross Tube station with BT Openzone. The wi-fi internet access will allow commuters and visitors during the 2012 London Olympics to browse the internet while in an underground train station.

Transport for London is currently pooling telecom companies for the contract. “Wi-fi services are a potential future revenue source for LU [London Underground].” according to Transport for London. The first phase will be opening the wi-fi networks reserved for staff use open to the public in 16 stations.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said that every lamp-post, every bus stop would offer wireless internet access by 2012. The plan will integrate with the electrical wiring to provide electronics for the wi-fi hotspot system. and will cover a small distance according to a London Evening Standard report.


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