Google Adds Cherokee Search Support

Google has recently announced new  support of Cherokee, one of the world’s most endangered languages, adding to the support of the 146 languages which users can search with. The support of the language was developed with Cherokee Nation staff and community members who helped translate the user interface. Users without a Cherokee keyboard are able to use the on-screen keyboard which is found next to the search box.

Google in Cherokee

During December 2010, Apple announced support for the Cherokee language to the 50 supported languages on the popular iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. The move came after three years of consultation with Apple who had not supported any Native American languages. ‘Including our language on the iPhone and iPod makes it accessible to more people, especially our youth. This is critical to the survival and growth of our language.’ said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chad Smith.

Google also has support of seemingly non-existent languages, with references to popular cultural figures, such as Elmer Fudd (Ewmew Fudd), Hacker and bork, bork, bork!


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