Five Tips for a Better Blog

Blog on a Robot

1. Write Interesting Headlines

Try a different approach on news headlines. The title of your post is what will bring people from Twitter, Facebook, WordPress tags and search engines. Your content could be excellent but no-one wants to click on a boring link!

2. Customize your Blog

Add a favicon (the little icon in your browser tab) by visiting the “General Settings” page, change your themes background, add widgets; these features will make your blog stand out from the 18.5 million and counting blogs.

3. Let Everybody Know

When blogging on popular trending topics be sure to tweet it and post it to your Facebook wall (or just use the automatic WordPress publicize feature). Timely news and opinion is what most people will read. Commenting on other  blogs is a great way to get some extra exposure but do not to spam! Try to add something to the conversation.

4. Try Something New

Write for the fun of it and try something you wouldn’t normally write about. Grab a topic from the WordPress tag page or the WordPress Daily Post project. Here are some examples of topics to try: news, music, life, politics, travel or food.


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