Murdoch’s $30 Million “Daily” Gamble

Rupert Murdoch - World Economic Forum Annual M...
Image by World Economic Forum via Flickr

Branding itself as “a new kind of publication,” media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch, released The Daily. A glossy magazine for the iPad made at $30 million, that’s right $30 million. So much for the claim that the paperless paper “requires no multi-million dollar presses.”

The Daily is about to make the way you get your news wonderful,” claims The Daily in a Superbowl advertisement but the real question is how many people are willing to pay 99 cents a week for something they are already getting free on the internet from the New York Times, Boing Boing, Huffington Post and hundreds of other blogs. Is there really an audience for an “interactive” magazine when videos, interactive maps and galleries are nothing new on the internet?

The Daily website takes a new turn from the previously free-for-all internet model, where you read what you want and for free. There are no front-page stories on the website and links are nowhere to be found, though most of the content is published online. This move has led one reader to create a website with a linked index of the magazine.

The Daily is expected to become available in the UK and Western Europe in the next few months.

Have you subscribed to The Daily? Is the publishing direction of “The Daily” correct? Comment below.


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