How Music and Scents Make You Want to Buy More Food

Boris Kustodiev, Traktir (restaurant) in Mosco...
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Remember the last time you visited your restaurant to find soft music and scents of lavender? These are just two elements some restaurant use to help to encourage you to eat more food and linger in their restaurant.

According to a research paper called “Odors and consumer behavior in a restaurant”, by Nicolas Guéguen and Christine Petr, using scents of lavender in a restaurant not only lengthened the stay by 15 minutes but also increased spending by four euros.

The use of scent in marketing is becoming more popular. An article from a professional institute called the Scent Marketing Institute, which deals with the development of a scent knowledge base and networking, reports on the latest trends. It includes scents which increase road rage, relaxation and alertness and says “businesses are using scent as part of multi-sensory marketing strategies to enhance customers’ experiences.”

What about the slow music in restaurants? Slow music and the genre was found to change the consumers perception of what to buy, how long they stayed and how much they spent. According to a research paper by Adrian C. North, David J. Hargreaves and Jennifer McKendrick in a University of Leicester research paper, “French music led to French wines outselling German ones, whereas German music led to the opposite effect on sales of French wine.”

Do you find yourself spending longer in restaurants with great music and stay in restaurant for the wonderful aromas? Comment below.

Via Psychology Today and New York Times


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