3 Tips for Better Online Research

Cover of "Britannica Encyclopedia (Encycl...
Cover of Britannica Encyclopedia (Encyclopaedia)

1. Become a Search Master

Learn how to better use your search engine. Google and Yahoo both have pages to tell you how to improve your search. It has some handy tips, for example, if I were searching for cars made from 1950 to 1960 I would search for “cars 1950…1960”. In Google, searching for specific file types is available using “filetype:”, handy when trying to find PDF documents on a certain topic.

2. Use Research Add-Ons

Use an add-on that can improve your research. An example of the many available is Scrapbook, an add-on for Firefox,which allows highlighting, underlining, notes and capturing of webpages.

3. Ask it Online

If you have trouble researching try crowd-sourcing. Websites such as Yahoo! Answers and Quora allow you to ask an online community for answers and resources. Make sure you ask your question clearly to ensure you get the answers you want. Also, try forums related to your topic if it’s not already available on the internet.


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