Top 4 Websites for Free eBooks

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1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the best sources on the internet for free books which have fallen into the public domain. Many classics such as Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci are available at Project Gutenberg and have been digitized by volunteers. According to the website, there are over 33,000 free ebooks.

2. Planet PDF

Planet PDF contains a great selection of classics with works from Hans Christian Andersen, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens, complete with a paragraph describing the book. When downloading a small chapter preview is given and e-books are provided in PDF format. They are hosted by Debenu, a PDF company.


ManyBooks is a very refined website which displays books by cover, something that many other ebook websites lack. It also provides books in many languages other than English such as Chinese, French and Italian. It contains a helpful genre search option which filters by topics ranging from satire to science. Downloads are offered in a wide range of formats so finding your device shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Feedbooks

Feedbooks is compatible with all mobile devices including the Amazon Kindle, Sony PRS-505 and the iPhone. In terms of content, Feedbooks has a large range of free ebooks and also has an ebook store if you’re interested in buying new releases. It even has an area for authors to publish their content straight to the website.


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