5 Interesting Word Trends from Google Ngram Viewer

Image representing Google Labs as depicted in ...
Image via CrunchBase

Recently, I’ve being playing around with the Google Ngram Viewer. This web service is currently in Google Labs and allows comparison of different words in books, allowing you to compare words and phrases. If you find an interesting time period you can click on a link to see the where the different trends are coming from in Google Books. Here are some interesting trends:
Hello vs. Goodbye
Hello (blue),  goodbye (red).

Hello vs. Goodbye in Books from Google Books
Dollar (blue), yen (red), pound (green), euro (yellow), rupee (light blue), peso (pink), yuan (dark green), franc (aqua).

Dollar, yen, pound, euro, rupee, peso, yuan, franc comparison.
Europe (blue), Asia (red), North America (green), South America (yellow), Australia (light blue), Antarctica (brown), Africa (light green).

Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia, Antarctica, Africa word comparison in Google Books
Art vs. Science
Art (blue),science (red).

Art vs. Science in Google Ngram View
Peace vs. War
Peace (blue), war (red).

Peace vs. War in Google Ngram.


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