Four of the Best Free Classic Fonts for the New Year

An example of Prociono.

Prociono is a wonderful free serif font by Barry Schwartz  from the The League of Moveable Type. The font was placed in the Public Domain so the normal copyright restrictions of the The League of Moveable Type do not apply and is available in .otf and .formats.

An example of Franchise Bold.

Franchise Bold is one of my favourite free fonts, in fact we’re using it right now for the header on Linear Fix. The font can be used for personal and commercial use, just don’t try to sell it. The font was crafted by Derek Weathersbee and conveys a powerful message straight to the reader.

Example of Liberation Sans.An example of Liberation Serif.
Liberation Sans and Liberation Serif are both free separate fonts which maintain metric compatibility with Arial and Times New Roman. The fonts were originally released in 2007 by Red Hat and are available in TrueType format. The fonts are under an open source license (GNU General Public License version 2 with exceptions).

An example of Fertigo text.

Fertigo Pro designed by Jos Buivenga is available for free (regular version only). The font has an auto-ligature feature, in which, no software is required. The font also includes ten different ornaments and has support for additional Western and Central European languages.


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