Wikipedia Goes Down

Image representing Wikipedia as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase

Wikipedia, a large and popular user-edited encyclopaedia has gone offline. The hundreds of reports from Twitter users show that the range of the downtime is site-wide. Further checking from websites such as “Down for everyone or just me?” shows the website status as down. It appears the website outage is site-wide with Wikimedia also down.

The reason for the outage is not yet clear. Wikipedia’s Twitter has no updates relating to the downtime as of 1:12am (GMT). Users visiting the Wikimedia Techblog are greeted with a message saying ‘error establishing a database connection’.

Had any luck getting Wikipedia to load? Add a comment below.

UPDATE: Wikipedia’s Twitter has displayed a new message saying ‘Hi, everyone. We’re aware that the site isnt [sic] working as usual and we’re figuring out the problem now. We’ll let you know more soon!’

UPDATE: The Wikimedia Techblog is back up.

UPDATE: Wikipedia appears to be loading, however, there appears to be a long wait time at 1:49am (GMT).

UPDATE: Wikipedia is back online at around 2:22am (GMT) according to Wikipedia’s Twitter update. The reason was a power outage in the Florida data centre.


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